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Why Walking My Dog Inspires My Blog P...

Why Walking My Dog Inspires My Blog Posts

So you decided to create a blog.  Now what do you do with it?  First things first, you have to ask yourself, why are you writing your blog?  If it’s for yourself, do what inspires you – if it’s for an audience, do what intrigues them while trying to retain part one (be inspired). It’s […]

Learning the Business Through a Custo...

Learning the Business Through a Customers Eyes

No one understands a business better than the person that put their heart and soul into starting it.  The owner of a business might know it inside and out, but that doesn’t mean that they know how to translate it to social media. Many try, struggle, and then decide to look for a little help […]

Social Writing, Business Style

Social Writing, Business Style

Writing for a business is not like writing for yourself.  While it’s fine to post about your lunch on your personal account, unless you are running a restaurant it is probably not what you should primarily be posting.   I thought I’d share a few tips to consider when it comes to writing for your […]

New to Twitter? Here’s 5 Twitt...

New to Twitter?  Here’s 5 Twitter Tips.

Recently I’ve been surprised at how many things people are still in the Twitter nest and haven’t taken flight.  What I think of as “common sense” apparently isn’t. So instead of assuming everyone knows the little tips that are all over the internet, I’ll put down a few of my quick tips. 1) Let people […]