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Monthly archives for May, 2012

Social Media and Blogging, Sitting in...

Social Media and Blogging, Sitting in a Tree..

Once upon a time people would create blogs for things like sharing family photos, chatting about life adventures, and maybe babbling about your favorite place to eat.  Sound familiar?  Facebook came around and a lot of those blogs got replaced with daily updates, likes, and the occasional unwanted friend request from someone you didn’t even like in highschool. For many, blogs […]

Twitter: Beyond Signing Up.

Twitter: Beyond Signing Up.

You’ve got your Twitter account started, you’ve made a few tweets and you’re wondering what to do now.  Is it really worth your time?  Depends on what you want Twitter to do for you, but I can honestly say it was worth MY time. I like the saying, “Facebook is for people you know and […]