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I’m going to be honest, I’m gamer geek at heart.  I’ve been addicted to anything online or console related ever since my first dance with an Atari.  Because of my love of screen time and online gaming, I discovered long before social media came to be, that there can be a connection with people without face time. Don’t get me wrong, I have a strong history of customer service, so maybe I’m a people person, but you can truly get to know someone on or off line.

Social Media allows people to stay connected with family and friends that might have fallen by the wayside. It also allows businesses to reach people on a personal level, which I never would have noticed if it hadn’t been for some personal experiences where a brand reached out to me. I started working in social media by accident. I was blogging and working as a virtual assistant, and someone just happened to ask “hey can you post this on Facebook too?”  It didn’t seem like a huge leap, and it’s opened up a new career for me, something I never could have visualized back in the days of Duck Hunt.

My love for writing translates well in the realm of social media.  I love finding the voice of an audience and writing something totally tailored for them.  Most audiences are different – even if it’s for the same brand, their Facebook or Twitter audience can be vastly different. I can write or blog about anything as long as I have the time to do some research, and I’m happy to connect with you if you have a project.  I’m also a social media consultant, strategist, and plain old “Community Manager”.  I love it all.  If there is a connection to be made, I will do my very best to help you make it happen.

This blog will showcase some of my tips, tricks, and tools that I encounter along my way.



Want to chat?  Connect with me on Twitter @amygaerlan or drop me an email:


Social Media Images on the home page are graciously shared from mkhmarketing and photo credit to Kat N.L.M for the photo of the texting teenagers.

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