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Today I am inspired.  In the midst of the chaos of the world and in my house, I’m inspired.

The tragedy in Boston reminds me of how even though it’s across the nation, I’m connected.  I knew people that were suppose to be there (but wasn’t) and people in the city that was close enough to hear the explosions.  There is sadness, but there is a beauty in hearing about the helpers.

helpersThis world is filled with helpers.  Not only in when tragedies occur but in every day life.  Because of the chaos of my house (three small children is my excuse) – I have decided to try another attempt at a chore board.  I patted myself on the back at the genius of getting different colors for each child, and got this week all set up.  My 3 year old promptly saw MARKERS, colored about 6 pictures during my 15 minute conference call and somehow lost 4 out of the 6 of the markers.  Not a big deal right?  Today’s one of those days where everything is a bigger deal than it should be.

I reached out to my dear friend, my “helper” and she reminded me to just sit, breathe, I mean come on – they are somewhere even if right now they feel they are no where.

Every day of our life we could be presented with a challenge, and it’s up to us how to react.  I like to think that most days I’m calm and collected, but there are moments when I know I am not.  Thankfully for me, I am connected.  I have friends and family – both online and off that are willing to help me when I need it.

I considered tying this into social media – and I could.  However it’s not social media that inspired me today – with the exception of my friend Mizfit posting the image that is shared above.  After the explosions happened, there were the initial posts of good will but then my eyes opened to the friends that are not helpers by nature.  Instead of at least holding their tongues in respect of what might be, before the smoke could clear they were shouting about politics.  Thankfully they were not the majority on my friend list, but that is not inspiring – unless I can find a way to help it inspire me to be a better person.

We have the tools my friends to be inspired every day.  We can search for anything and everything online and continuously expand our knowledge.  There is no excuse to hang in the background, to be angry at the world, and not seek to grow.  Some shout that ignorance is bliss, and I get that – but I’m not sure what I think about those that choose to hide in ignorance. I choose not to hide, but to be inspired.  To learn from the mistakes I make myself, and that others might make as well.  I choose to learn from the joys that fall in my path, and the simple joys that my children find in life on a daily basis.  I choose to be happy, and I choose to be a helper.


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