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Social Media: Not a 9-5 Job

I work from my home office and I love it. Every now and then, someone reaches out and tells me they’d love me to work for them, but in their own office. Working from home allows me the flexibility to plan my days according to work, my children, and a little bit of fun.  Maybe it’s selfish, but honestly social media is not a 9-5 job.

Social media never sleeps.  Unless of course, it’s a Hootsuite Owl.

Sleeping HootSuite Owl

Have you ever noticed that many social media managers post about the joys of coffee in the wee hours of the morning (and sometimes until much later in the evening)? Sometimes before I get out of bed in the morning, I reach over and grab my phone to check emails and social sites. There have been times when I’ve caught a message or comment that happened while I was asleep and because of my early bird reaction I set things in motion before getting out of my own bed.

Later I start my coffee and make breakfast for the family; sometimes while on the phone checking in with clients. By the time it’s 9am, I’ve normally double checked what content I have going out and responded to any messages that came my way throughout the evening.

I’m no where near done for the day, but if I had to work in an office I would not be checking my email before rolling out of bed. I wouldn’t bother seeing what was going on for my clients until I clocked in. What’s a few hours you ask? Depending on the size and type of your business it can mean a great deal. When someone posts a complaint and it goes unanswered, the complainer will normally grow even more angry. Depending on that person’s social reach – one little complaint can become a long thread of people joining in – or several tweets calling out your brand name.

Social media doesn’t start at 9am, nor does it end at 5pm. Even if it did – social media is global.  My own 9am is different than other locations around the world. I’ve had global clients where I schedule content 24/7. When they asked me if it was necessary I asked compared it to placing a conference call. Your messages won’t be seen by all of your audience unless you schedule it when they’re online.  Did my 24/7 strategy work?  Yes.  Their click rates jumped through the roof, especially on Twitter.

While I’m flattered when I get any offers to work in an office, I feel I could do better work for a company working from my own home office. I’m the gal that will check a ping while I’m at the park with my kids, and spend time pouring over analytics long after 5pm has passed. In a way, social media has allowed me to be a better mom. This might not interest an employer, but for me and my family it makes the world of difference. It allows me to stay at home and to have time to play. Because of the flexibility and my appreciation of being able to do what I do – I work harder for my clients.



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