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Are you looking for a social media speaker? I can speak online or in person (within the San Francisco East Bay Area) to your business, corporation, or cause.

 Popular Topics:

  • Social Media For Business
  • Content Marketing
  • Community Development
  • Building Authentic Social Brands
  • Social Business Strategies
  • LinkedIn for Business
  • Social Media for Realtors
  • Social Media 101 to Advanced (can cover social media basics or customized to an audience prepared for more something more in depth.)

School Social Media Training:

  • Staff/Teacher Training & Guidelines
  • Speaking Within the Classroom (Prefer one on one class vs large auditorium audience due to children’s attention span and connection.)
  • Speaking to Parents : Social Media 101
  • Speaking to Parents : Current Social Media Trends and in depth Q&A about their current concerns.
  • Branding School Through Social Media


Interested in having me speak at your function or school? Email me now to book me!

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